Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kickin' it Lakeside...

Oh that wild little child!
She is loving the swimsuits, sunhats, fishing, and sunning in her laid back lake life.
Don't worry she wears lots of sunscreen and stays in the shade of her sunscreened tent!

Here she is in her new pfd* that Granddaddy picked out for her.

Yes, she is just that vibrant in real life.

We didn't get a chance to spend much time with the grandparents, but we did get in a nice walk up Smith Mountain in the rain.

It was lovely.

Ono loves running around free like a country dog. She lounges on the deck and watches the lake all day...

OOH! Cuteness again in the pfd!

Speaking of pfd's - here is Zeus trying one on for size.
He's a really great wakeboarder...

It has been super chill and relaxing...it is great to watch Charlie work from the deck, taking calls out on the dock where there is reception.
We are so lucky to get to stay here...and to come back someday too!

Here's Mad kicking it lakeside...

And chilling up in the house...it gets hot in the middle of the day so we have to get up and cool off in the heat of the afternoon...

Zeus spends lots of time chasing sticks and fish in the water.
He is totally soaking up the whole lake!

Here's my favorite kind of fish...

And his fresh catch! After a little wrestling match with the Lake Martin monster and the loss of the first rod and reel, he sure showed that lake who is boss!

My buddies in the sun tent making bunny ears...
This has been the best part of our trip so far!
Thanks for lettiing us stay a while Granddaddy!

* pfd = personal floatation device

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