Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby Love

My little ray of sunshine. This picture totally reminds of when she first got here. I was so blinded by her very essence.

It was almost hard to see her, because all she did was shine.

Oh the fat fat chipmunk cheeks of her first few months...she barely knew Zeus back then.

Now she knows he's a licker.

And though she used to only be into snuggles and kisses, she loves to play with her dad now.

Just scroll up and down between these two pictures. Her face, though still full and round, has matured so much, and she has so much new expression in her face.

We love her. We really really love her a lot.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Girl Just Wants to Have Fun!

Madee and I spent a little time taking silly self portraits yesterday. I ended up keeping so many, because you can tell we were having a really good time.

I feel like since my point and shoot camera died, I have been missing moments that normally I would get if I was seeing things less as a photographer and more as a mom. Like sometimes if it isn't a great photo shoot opp or the light control is beyond me or (blah blah blah). It is easy to make excuses, and even though I have SO MANY pictures of her there are also pictures that I don't have, because I sometimes take this stuff too seriously.

And I really want those imperfect/flash riddled/wonky eyed photos too.

So pictures like this have been happening less and less often, when they should be happening more and more.

I love how you can really see how much trouble Charlie and I are in for with the look on her face here.

Entirely too much trouble.

So, as much as before I just really longed to have those special professional looking shots of my little girl, and don't get me wrong-

I love those shots.

Now I really want to balance that with the silly random regular old snapshots that I use to be famous for.

Because those are the ones that are making memories.

Those are the records of the times I want to remember.

Goofing off with my favorite little buddy on the floor in Babytown.

This one is my favorite. You can really see how much we are into each other.

Weston is back from Minnesota!

Madee wasn't sure about having him back, and really yelled and screamed at him at first.

Just like a REAL girlfriend!

Before you know it they were best buds again. He couldn't believe she was crawling sure makes it easier for her to escape his kisses!

He reallyreally loves her. Hard.

Madee, like her Mama, appreciates a little personal space. Since she was in my belly she was a private little person, and she just likes a chance to warm up to you while you are about 10 feet away.

She just doesn't want you all up her grill.

I love watching her interact, and learning new little things about her.

She is just such a funny kid. She gets me rolling all the time...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little Girl on the Go

Somebody loves her puppy...

Her hair is growing very fast now, and it sticks up so cute!

Not only can she now sit up without help, she can do it all by herself.

The past couple days I have seen a lot of this tired little face.

She has been playing so hard she just wears herself out. This morning she passed out in the middle of Babytown with her toys still in her hands.

Why is she so tired? Because she has new knees under her, and she is crawling everywhere.

I don't know if she just started noticing all the wires and dog food bowls and other dirty things in our house, or if she has been plotting to get them for a while, but she means business.

Before you know it, she will be ready for these.

I know her Daddy is ready yesterday, but we should probably get her running first.

I didn't touch this shot. Keep in mind that colors on computers are a little different, but these are her gorgeous baby hazels.

She is getting cuter by the minute, and grasping concepts and skills so fast. Too fast.

And she thinks it is hilarious when she farts.

She gets that from her Dad's side of the family.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Times with The Dunnas!

The Dunnas came to visit! It was such a nice little visit, and so full of fun!

I was enjoying myself so much I didn't really get a lot of pictures (imagine that!) but here are a couple reminder photos from our wedding.

I love this one of Dani and Charlie.

Dani is my soul sista. She is just seriously funny and smart and awesome to be around.

And Andy and the kids are pretty fun, too.

This is Lauren.

She likes grapes.

Jackson like video games. And fishing.

We went to the Farmer's Market and bought so many fresh veggies and flowers. Lauren picked up a zuccini from the stand and just started gnawing on it.

Veggies are delish!

The Farmer's Market is just so full of great stuff at this time of the summer.

The flowers were amazing...

And we pretty much bought this whole basket of cucumbers.

Then the kids took a moment to play in the dirt.

Funny how you can't really orchestrate moments with children, but they sure can do it on their own.

Madee likes pasta...all over her face!

She plays drums!

I think she was sad to see the Dunnas on their way back to Seattle. She loved having all the lively activity and other kids to watch.

We hope we see them again soon!

Monday, August 25, 2008

We Get Around!

A favorite scene on the potting bench, which is easily the most easily photographed space at our house...

So here are a couple of other places you might find Van Dervens on the internet. Madee is "picture of the week" over at Today's Mama , and I have a feature photo in last week's "Shine" theme for a Self Portrait Challenge. I would be the one with the big pregnant belly. Is there any better shine?

Where will we show up next?

Sweetie McSweetieface

Oh my little Cadet McSpacersons.

When she is tired she stares into nothing or buries her little head into my shoulder. She also sings alot when she is tired...

She is super inquisitive. Maybe that is why she has little Miss Serious Face lately.

Of course she is still having a great time.

It is amazing how she used to seem to have SO many clothes...I have been putting away all of her 6 month clothes, and pulling whatever we have in 18 months to the front of her closet.

Right now she fits perfectly in her 12 months items, but we don't expect that to last too long.

This face totally says, "What are you eating? I want some."

While Weston has been away we have been borrowing his hook-on high chair. The kitchen bar is the perfect place to sit and eat and hang out in our house.

You can even see the TV from there.

She feeds herself!

She feeds the dogs!

It really is a great spot. We ordered our own, since a stand alone high chair just seemed like a strange addition to our living space.

Maybe when we decide to get a dining table...

Anyway, it is her favorite new thing and she loves to play with food. She eats crackers, cheerios, turkey and chicken sticks, cereal bars, fruit bits, avocados, sweet potatoes, pasta, yogurt, spinach...whatever you give her, really.

Just plop it on the tray and she will take it from there.

So thanks to this new development, feeding is a fun learning experience and not a frustrating game of "just try to get it in my moving mouth."

And whatever she doesn't get into her mouth is fair game to the dogs. Everybody wins!