Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mobiles, flowers and little V

I have been conceptualizing a mobile for Madee's new room and today it all came together so smoothly, I almost think I just dreamed it true.

Madee likes it a lot, and I am pretty proud of it myself.

And with the lights off...

She is a goofy little thing. I have sectioned off part of the living room to allow her freedom to roll around. She can get pretty far, pretty fast.

Here are my flowers from the farmer's market this week.

I think this orange one is my favorite.

Today we went to the college's Child Development Center and got on the waiting list. It is the most incredible place, with such nice people and so much fun stuff to do.

The waiting list is so long that it could take a year to get her in. We decided to sign up just in case, as it is the most prestigious day program in South Lake.

I wonder how long it will take her to get kicked out and sent to military school. Because this one is trouble...

So is this one. Little Vido Miller.
He's tiny.

He is Weston's little chihuahua.


Ooh that baby loves her Daddy.

Ooh Mommy loves these two.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend stuff...

Such a happy girl...and lately such a great sleeper! Right now, self-feeding is our big thang...she will spend an hour trying to put cheerios in her mouth.

Which makes her way more interesting to the dogs.

My favorite thing today is this cool little teak bookend thingy that Grammee Rene found rummaging somewhere. It is such a small little detail that it often goes unnoticed around here, but I notice it every day.

On Saturdays we like to pack the stroller down with all sorts of lunch and lounging accessories and hoof it down to the beach for a while.

Now that we have a jogging stroller I bungy everything down to it, and the ride is much smoother. I heart my Baby Jogger.

Madee is not so into the Tahoe water, it is really cold! She does love to sit and people watch, though...

She and her Dad have gotten really close lately. Her personality is totally blooming and she and her Dad just seem very compatible.

I love to see them together.

And I am probably not the only one.

Charlie finds himself on his own with baby more often, and the ladies are just gushing with attention. There is nothing quite as hot as a tattooed daddy with a little girl.

I guess it is time for him to get another tattoo.

Maybe one that says, "Lady if you are close enough to read this, DUCK! My wife is on to you!"

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Silly Gooses

I have no idea what I am in for.

Yesterday Lila came over for the day, and seriously, it is pretty crazy what a difference a few months makes. She is super fast, and despite all efforts, will find something to stick in her mouth that doesn't belong there.

I almost duct taped her to the wall to keep her safe.

She doesn't sit still.


We went to the beach the other day with Cheryl and Weston.

The beach is super laid back, but boy is it hot!

We just throw the kids in the little sunscreened nursery tent and they are pretty good to go.

It keeps sun off the babes, sand out of their mouths, and is a great little place to party as far as they are concerned.

Ono likes it is the best shade on the beach!

We take breaks to cool off in the water, but Madee is pretty happy just kicking back in her floaty boat singing pirate songs.

Yeah, every day is pretty much a party around here! We love summer!

Zeus in a pocket of light.

He is such a good boy.

Madee in a pocket of light.

Her hair is starting to really come in, although it is hard to see in most lights. You can get a good look at it in this one. It is very light and fluffy and blonde.

Silly little goose feathers....

Silly little goose.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Round 2...

So thanks to my new BFF Cheryl, Weston's mommy, Charlie and I were able to sneak away for a romantical dinner for 2 ! It has been a while since we were out in town without our little one.

Cheryl took this picture of us before we left...

Madee and Wes really like each other, so she had a really good time with Ms Cheryl. It was nice to get to sit back and relax for dinner without getting up to bounce or wipe or feed something.

Although after an hour or two, I am always ready to see her again.

And every time she is infinitely cuter...

She is developing quite an array of facial expressions. She is a determined, wily little thing with a wicked sense of humor.

But then again she'd have to be to fit in around here.

Did I mention adorable? Because that helps a lot too.

My favorite thing today is heirloom tomatoes...

They are so yummy and delicious that I have to buy 4 baskets because Charlie eats them like candy!

Yummy Lycopene!

We went through all of Madee's toys, just to keep things current, interesting and in toy wants to live a life unplayed with, so those toys that she no longer has interest in, has duplicates of, or just never really worked for her could be passed along to other kids who will play with them and love them.

She says she's keeping all of these...

We do what we can to keep things moving and fun for a 6 1/2 month old. When she wakes up we go go go so that she can get every last crazy out between naps. From saucer and belly time to jimmy jump and trail walks we keep the schedule jam packed with activity, since we all sleep better that way...

And of course we take some time for the camera.

And for friends.

We went for a grill out with Lila, Lara and Brian. Lila is crawling now and pulling up and doing lots of things to illustrate the craziness I have to look forward to in the next couple of months.

Don't let either one of them fool you. These are Southern girls.

Feisty! Just like I like 'em!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh Brother!

lovebirdsMy parents are SO gross...they have been kissing, like, all day.

Seriously, I am getting a little worried because they keep spelling b-a-b-y-s-i-t-t-e-r and Mom was in the bathroom for quite a while.

Then she walked out smelling really pretty and wearing new earrings. I would love to get my hands on those...

Momma's Favorite Thing today...

I am a super big help around the house. I have hands and I like to grab stuff. Today we did laundry!

Then I spent some time with my Dad. He has lots of great stuff on his desk and I like to grab it all and throw it on the floor.

It is kinda my thing.
I am totally a hat girl. Everywhere I go mom is finding hats to put on me. You prolly haven't even seen all my is pretty ridiculous.

Whenever I wear this one out of the house, we can't get 2 feet without everybody needing to talk to me and then after I smile, well forget it.

Sometimes I wear my hat like this...

I really love to read and eat books. My favorite book is about my Mom and Dad and how everybody came to see them when Mommy dressed up like a princess and married Daddy on the beach.

It is a really great story and there are pictures of lots of people I know.

I could listen to it over and over, because Mommy sounds so happy every time she tells it.

Okay, yeah. 1 more of me in the granny hat. She just can't get enough of this one...

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!