Friday, February 27, 2009

Some February stuff...

15 weeks until Eden comes!

This is NOT a cuddly belly. It is hard, it kicks me, and it is starting to make "cuddle in the lap time" very difficult!

Plus Mom eats everything! Look out ears!

Fancy photo sesh with Mom.

We totally have the same hair. Both our hairs smell like bananas. I did that.
Like seafood?

I can totally get on the couch ALL BY MYSELF!

Just a little kick...

And a pull...

And VOILA! I'm UP!

Mom plays with these flash pictures so my eyes look dark.

Here's what color they usually are!

I gotta grab my wallet to go to the store...

Oh Noes! I wrecked the bus~

Friday, February 20, 2009


Oh goodness...we started playing dress up...

Cutest Butt in the West

What a pretty fairy!

"What is this thing, anyway?"

"No, Mom. You don't fit in my tutu."

The trouble that I love.

Ribbons and bows and a random blue handle.

Unh. I have no words. Too much cuteness for one human to take!

Going, going...


I like to pretend the next two are just one....

"Who wants a cookie?"

Just a couple things we did yesterday...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Happy Day

There was a storm the other day and I was so restless.

Mom decided to take me to McDonalds to play!

Seriously, how big is this burger?

Happy Meal + Baby = HAPPY BABY!

Here I am at home eating more healthy and also more boring items...asparagus, carrots, apples, cheese, turkey burger...

I like to have food on my shirt. I feel naked without it!

Dad just got out of the bath here.

He's a lot of fun!

I have some ridiculous hats!

Seriously, Mom. It's more than the hats that are ridiculous around here!

Zeus says I taste like lunch. Zeus loves lunch.

Time to get all the food off!

Mom totally should have been a hair stylist!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love filled weekend

"Aaaaaccckkk!! I'm cracking out on V Day chocolate!"

What a great weekend! Full of love and good stuff!

Romance at coffee time...

Chocolate covered strawberries...yummy!


Madee has been playing with/in/on her toybox lately...

And after another feverish night and lots of struggling, it was a sweet St. Valentine's Day miracle - we got a molar!

No, you can't see it, but you can tell by the smile and the completely different kid that woke up this morning that the worst of that tooth is over.

So there is a lot more happy love in our house today, and that makes us all feel better.

Hope you had a weekend full of love and chocolate! Vive la VD!