Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sled Day!

Dad got me this rad new stroller!

I think it is pretty cool to ride so low to the ground. I get a good view of all this white stuff.

Come to think of it, I don't remember all this white stuff being here before on our walks.
Maybe we moved and Mom and Dad just didn't say anything...

Zeus loves the white stuff and he showed me how to eat it.

Here I am showing Mom that I ate it and it is all gone.

Mom is lots of fun to ride in the stroller with because she squeals alot and we crash.

Look at Mom's rad boots! They keep her feet very warm.

Mom and I have a lot of fun in the snow. Apparently it is all pretty new to her, too.

Dad is very good at this...

Even when Zeus runs in front of us.

We go really fast!

Dad holds me like this when we get to the bottom of the hill.

And he carries me around like a little suitcase.

He says I am his little eskimo and now we give eskimo kisses.

We have such a good time!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Best Christmas Ever

I barely even have the words, so I will keep it simple.

My gorgeous girl.
My other gorgeous girl.

Doesn't like Santa much.

Loves new pajamas.

She very good at opening presents.

Left Santa cookies.

Shared Santa's cookies.

Dad said "No."

Stole Santa's cookies.

Santa came anyway.


Favorite is the monkey bread.

Love this baby doll.

Love this baby doll.

Happiest Mom on Earth.

White Christmas wasn't a dream.

Lila came for Christmas Dinner.

Madee can't believe all the food and friends.

The kids' table.

More kids' table.

Out of the bath.

Just plain cute.

Santa was very good to us, and he left me a new point and shoot for everyday fun. Also a tv for my bedroom. Santa loves me. Charlie got snowshoes and ski poles and a yummy soft robe. Madee got so much stuff we are still buried under it.

We are pretty sure she is in here somewhere.

Another girl! We are super excited!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Go Christmas, Belly Watch, and Other Stuff

So Christmas is a week away and I am totally not ready yet. The Van Derven household has been quite sick since we got home from our travels and and this point we are all just waiting to feel better.

Hopefully that will be soon.

Madee has been so much fun but also quite a challenge lately. And by that I mean she is challenging me. When I tell her "no".

She has a lot of personality and some very determined ideas of what she wants , what she wants to do, and when she wants to do it.

She's totally a big stinker and she'll crack your hand if she doesn't like what you are doing.


Speaking of trouble, Auntie Lisa's birthday was this past weekend, and she had a "Tacky Christmas Sweater Party".

I made mine and Charlie's.

Charlie won the competition hands down with his light up stocking sweater filled with candy for good boys and girls.

I really felt like I had come into my own with my creations. Of course I felt quite validated by the 2 prizes we brought home, "Best in Show" and "Quality of Craftsmanship".

I guess I've found my calling!

I love our cheesy portrait in front of the tree.

BTW, I do not wear my hair like that but I was going for an 80's feel. I am pretty sure I nailed it.

Christmas cards were a challenge this year. Madee has been quite sick and or teething for like a month so it was hard to capture her without the snot wall or the watery eyes or the sad face or just sleeping or crying...not to mention the poop.

I don't know how she does it, but she is always just adorable, even when she feels far from it.

And Charlie finally got a bump sighting today. I still haven't gained any weight, but I'm holding strong where I am, and apparently somebody else inside here has been getting enough to eat anyway.

I know, looking a little pale, but Mama's been a sick girl!

Self Portrait of belly. It will probably be bigger by New Year's, what with all I have planned to cook for the holidays...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

11 Months Old!

Hey guys! I'm 11 months old today!
Can you believe it?

Because Mom keeps saying she doesn't. She remembers this like yesterday.

I have been a sick little girl, so Mom lets me hang in my PJs all day. I think that is pretty sweet, because then I am comfy wherever we go!

Let's see, things I'm doing lately...
1. laughing at other babies on TV
2. dancing, like all the time
3. singing with Mom
4. Loving bubbles

5. Walking around

Yeah, I said walking.
Look at all my teeth.

See I have a bunch on the bottom, too.

Mom and I had a meatball sandwich today. I thought it was so yummy! Mom is really good like that - she shares almost everything with me.

My favorite is to use her laptop to "check my email".
I totally rebooted it with like, 4 keys the other day.
Now, Mom says I am too smart to play computers.

She says I can play this instead. Which is cool. Because when she goes to the bathroom (every five minutes) I just go back to my email.

Mom and Dad went to Reno the other day and I stayed home with Auntie Lisa.
She's so rad. You don't know.

Anyway, Lisa used to be Mom's best friend, but I am pretty sure she is mine now. I love her hair.

So anyhoo, in Reno they got to see new baby, who didn't spread 'em so we still don't know what I will be the big sister of come June.

Check me out when I was little.

Whatever it is, he/she prolly needs a helmet, because I can totally throw stuff now.