Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happier than a Pig in Potting Soil

So yesterday Charlie asks me what project I want him to do.

I give him a magazine clipping I have been hanging onto for a while, it is a picture of the perfect potting bench.

And BAM!

All of the sudden it is the almost perfect potting bench, because the perfect one is in my back yard!

Behold its adorable glory...
So friggity cute I can't stand it!

Speaking of so friggity cute...

Madee is getting braver in the water!

She loves beach sunsets with Dad.

Oh yeah. She is all about her new sippy cup now.

And although she hasn't gotten her boat in the water yet, she enjoys hanging out on the shore in it.

And now I leave you again with what was once a dream...

And is now an adorable piece of my own backyard.

Oh, and Charlie will build you one too if you have $150!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh Little Buddy...

He's 9 days old.

Behold his sweet sweet preciousness...

Thank you Kelly! (And Jaime!)
He's a sweet pea!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Little Cutie Pie

So when we were in Wisconsin we got these little baby legs and this hat and did a little photo shoot. Perhaps you remember this little cutie pie.

What's your favorite kind of pie?
Cutie pie. Delicious!

At the time Jess had suggested we use a black background, but I really wanted to go with white.

But she was right.

We are putting away the hat for the next sib and I just had to snap a few more of it before it goes.

As I am sure you can imagine, my knees are weakened by her cuteness...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sticks = Yum!

We go to Fallen Leaf Lake a lot. Mommy and Daddy say it is a very special place.

I think it is pretty great, but for different reasons, probably.

See I am a baby. I don't know what stuff is. I am figuring it out pretty quick.

But it is all very new and exciting...

I wake up in the morning and Mommy and I play in bed and look out of the window and listen to birds and make kisses and snuggles and stuff.

It is pretty awesome.

My favorite part about that is I know what to expect.
Wake up. Smile. Mommy. More smile. Kisses. Snuggles.

I love to give kisses.

But most of the time I have no idea what to expect.

So I have that going for me.

Anyway, we were at the lake and Mom let me sit up on a blanket and she and Dad were talking and Dad started taking pictures...

And that is when I saw it.

I love to discover new things.

New things always taste funny...


This is what I do...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Dad's the best!

Hey don't get too excited...when my mom finishes the pictures sometimes my eyes look different colors.

They aren't brown yet. Still a funky gray that is the color of whatever they reflect.

Mommy says they are awesome.

These are my fancy little feet in my sassy strawberry socks that Auntie Lisa gave me.

These are very busy feet.

And they taste good. I should know, I can stick them in my mouth!

So, hey.

Let me tell you about the other day.

Daddy and Mommy took me to the beach!

My Daddy is lots of fun. He let me get nekkid and splash in the water.

And then I sat for a while on a sunny beach blanket (in the shade with 50 sunscreen on).

Sand is funny. It feels good. It doesn't taste good.

Don't find out the hard way...



Yeah I fully love the beach. There is so much to see and smell and taste there!

(But Dad suggests I stay away from the goose poop!)

Hey yeah look! Mom was there too! Dad has started taking more pictures of her with me since usually she is the one behind the camera!

Oh yeah, and now she is getting all National Geographic on us.

The other day she was taking pictures of a bear down the street, and he started heading right for her!

Dad even started getting pretty nervous, but thankfully a big white truck drove by and distracted him...

She's the best mom in the world, so I don't blame him for wanting to get her kisses...

She promised to be more careful in the future!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

We love weekends. We get to lay in bed with Dad and play silly games and harass the dogs and have a great time.

Inevitably Mom gets out her camera...

We went to Fallen Leaf Lake for some foot dipping.

And I got my exercise on in my saucer like always.

I am so ready to walk.

You think Mom looks tired now...and that is after a night of sleep!

Oh, we have a good time.

Happy Father's Day to some of the best Dads in the world.

Especially my Dad.