Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who's Ready for Round 2?

Coolest birthday present ever...

Let the phone calls begin...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Fun!

My birthday this year was lots of fun. Not only did I get a really cool present, but I had yummy dinner out at Scusas.

Auntie Lisa had called me earlier in the week and wanted to take me out for my birthday.

She arranged a babysitter (Charlie), made reservations, and told me to get all dressed up.

I was pretty excited. On Friday night Lisa was texting me that she was running late, which was fine because Charlie was still running errands anyway, and when she finally got to my house he wasn't even home yet.

And she was wearing jeans and no make up.

And I was all dressed up. I just kind of looked at her funny, and she told me that my date was in the car.

So Charlie and I got to have a super romantic yummy delicious dinner out and Lisa stayed home with Madee.

It was the coolest surprise ever.

Then the next day was my birthday, and our trip to Apple Hill!

We got princess hats...

And corn dogs...

Here I am with corn dog in my teeth!

We layed in fields...

And crawled on some soft grass.

Hung out with Dad.

Learned some new moves.

Chased butterflies.

Checked out some cool pumpkins.

We had lots of laughs.

And great snacks.

It was a super terrific day!

This face wants your corn dog.

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's that time again!

Time for Apple Hill!

Apple Hill is down the mountain a bit, and is full of wineries, breweries, orchards, and craft fairs.

And corn dogs. Did I mention corn dogs?

Here are some pictures from the first meeting of the Apple Hill Gang.

The first time was just a girls and dogs thing...

I love this shot of Lisa with the port-a-pottys in the back of her...she was happier than that, promise.

So we go every year on my birthday, because that is when apple season is in full swing, the fairs are full of food and fun, and the weather is just beautiful.

Last year, Charlie joined the Apple Hill Gang...not that this is a picture from that.

Just one of all three of us that I like.

This year we have a new member...little apple-loving Madelyn. We are excited to show her all the great harvest vegetable and sparklies and princess hats and fun stuff.

She may have to wait a year or so on the corn dogs...

That last shot was taken by some random passer-by.

I always like our self portraits...

Anyway I am excited for the return of the Apple Hill Gang even if it means I am turning 34.


Oh brother...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Few Words

Since the pictures are supposed to be worth so many...

Fern Canyon Fun

Sweetness in a treehouse

She smells so good

Baby Escape Artist

For My Daddy (Look close it says Lee)

More Fun in Fern Canyon

Driving thru the forest

Isn't Fern Canyon Pretty?

Heart Grampa

Mean It

3 generations of VD

Mama loves you baby

Baby loves upside downies!

Magical Redwood forest road

Big Mistletoe

My Fave

Love this guy

So does she


Watchoo talking about big trees?

Crescent City


Baby Sasquatch siting

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tahoe Queen

I went on a boat today! It was so cool! I didn't sleep a wink...

Dad arranged a ride for us and the Grandparents on the fancy paddle boat called the Tahoe Queen, and we got to ride all over Lake Tahoe in it.

They just renovated the boat and spent over a million dollars on it, so we really got to see some cool stuff.

There was lots of velvet and sparklies and pillows and fancy chairs and couches.

But the prettiest part was probably the water in Emerald Bay.

Here are some cool things we saw...


Dad and Me.

The Tea House in Emerald Bay.

Fancy lights.

Happy parents.

Cool couches.

Dad's friend Steve in the galley.

Paddle wheels.

Another paddle wheel.

All in all it was a pretty cool day, but I passed out at the end. That's how you know I had a good time.

And when we got off the boat Grandma and Grandpa were smiling. That's how you can tell they had a good time too.

We will miss you guys when you go home tomorrow! Thanks for all the fun this week!

** I only have like 300 photos of the Redwoods and stuff so I will filter through and post my favorite throughout the week! **