Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Just a quick note to those of you who were touched by our old dog Zoie. Zoie passed in her sleep last night at the ripe old age of 14. She had a wonderful life with more travel and experience than most people I know. Charlie picked Zoie up at the Humane Society in Flagstaff, AZ in 1995 when she was about 5 weeks old. Since then, she has lived in Green Bay, Anchorage, Duluth, Vancouver BC, Lake Tahoe and traveled to many more places. She has dipped her belly in 3 of the Great Lakes and both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. She traveled the west coast of the US for a year, living with her brother Zeus and Charlie in a van and travel trailer.

She really enjoyed her life. She was spunky and sassy right up to the end. Although we knew this day would come, we couldn't have prepared ourselves for it. There is a Zoie sized hole in our hearts. And our home.

Our family is grieving the loss of a good friend and companion. It is a difficult day. We take comfort in the fact that Zoie no longer has the physical limitations that burdened her in this life and is faster than a Greyhound in doggie heaven. She's probably even faster than Zeus.

We'll miss you Zoie. Thank you for being such an amazing lady.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Playing Catch Up

And dress up, and mess up and clean up...you know the drill!

Here's my 2 rock stars jamming out to some guitar hero. This is Madee's favorite of the wii games, because she thinks she is doing it too!

Zeus is such a loyal fan.

One of the cutest things she does lately is walk around with her hands behind her back, acting all nonchalant, like she isn't up to something.

Which usually means she is up to something.

Her feet are growing so fast!

Uh Oh! Dress up skunk on the loose!

She only really likes hats if someone else is wearing them. This one is Uncle Cousin Brody's. She is hanging with the boys watching snowboarding videos...

And here she is having dinner with the fam. Such a big girl! Her new fave is sandwiches...PB&J and grilled cheese! (Not together, of course)

A couple random shots from our last trip off the hill. YOu cannot see this guys' "Proud to be a Republican" bumper sticker, but it makes me think that maybe he didn't exactly order that vanity plate for himself...it says "I'm Gay"

What tourist in an orange snow suit? He's HOTT!

We got a bunch of snow for Grandma VD's visit. That was great for Terri and Brody who cam e up to ski that weekend.

Charlie went to Kirkwood to get his ride on too.

He took his first run on his face.

A week later and the swelling was down, minimal scabbing. HOTT! You can't even tell now, it's already all healed up!

Where's Zoie?

Crazy little fairy on the loose!

She can get in this chair and just about any other all by her big girl self!

Of course it is much more fun if she can surf it!

Little Daredevil fairy...

She poops herself out!

Little Italian Fairy. "Kapish?"

I can't wait to find her more dress up clothes - she absolutely loves them!

Even over PJs!

And a baby update...30 weeks, which means we are at our top 10 countdown...we are getting so excited.

I just can't wait til I can button up these jeans again!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Couple Pics and Then a Nap!

I cannot believe the changes in her in just the past few days! She is the funniest kid ever. Definitely a little more shy around strangers, and just free as a bird when it is just us.

Her facial expressions, for one thing, have become so much more animated - there is a lot of raising eyebrows for excitement and surprise, jaw dropping open, goofy smiles...and lot sof eye contact.

Unless my eyes are behind the camera, and cartoons are on...here she is getting ready to go to the airport and pick up Grandma.

I just love her in dresses. And look at that hair-do. I just love to play with her hair.

Grandma VD and Auntie Terri and Bordy all cam up last weekend. It was a riot. Madee was so excited to show her family all the new stuff she is doing.

She climbs absolutely everything. She loves to help herself up to chairs now.

She just thinks it is the most awesome thing and wants to stand on top of everything she climbs and it drives me crazy. Sometimes it does not work out well for her her, but for the most part, she is pretty good at it, so I try to let her do her thing and just play spotter.

She is also loving dress up and we play several times a day. Of course, her tutu looks pretty ridiculous on me so I will have to make my own.

I am so excited to find her new costumes this year. I scored several of her other current ones at garage sales last summer. I will get some pictures from dress up time out next (and soon!) I have just been recovering this week from having guests, blood tests (no results yet) and what not.

I have 2 little girls that wear me out on the inside and the outside, so next free chance I get, I will take a nap, and the the next one I will get photos of Charlie's snowboard wreck and our little ballerina off the camera and up for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Oh she is just so cute I can't stand it. I am so lucky to be with this face all day long!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Window Shopping

We woke up to a load of snow this morning. Everybody left Madee and myself for a quiet morning alone together (thank you!) and while she has been napping and trying to catch up on all the sleep she didn't get last night, I have been doing a little windows shopping.

Ha. Get it? Because it is all online....

Anyway I have been scouring through etsy.com for adorable handmade baby stuff, and I figured, why not share with everybody, since I am not actually purchasing anything...

All of the pictures are links to the site where the item can be found, so if you want to see more products, just click on a picture and it will take you right there for viewing or purchasing pleasure...

First of all, a couple fuzzy wuzzy blankets for babies. Awww...

This one looks SO cuddly!

This site has a bunch of adorable personalized t-shirts for certain big sisters....

And how cute is this little matchy matchy set?

Since "babies in hats" are my favorite photo subject, I definately need something for Eden...

This little skull hat is oh so urban and adorable...

and this pink one is also to die for...

Wait! I'm not stuck on the blue, but this baby is just too cute wearing this one!

And who wouldn't want to just eat up a little baby cupcake? This lady actually has some of the cutest crochet patterns ever...you must visit and peek through her stash!

On to little baby feet. Seriously, does it get any cuter than nthese adorable fuzzy bunny slippers? I don't think so!

Or these little urban owl shoes - so chic!

I love orange. I wish she had a hat to match!

Speaking of matching hats, how cute is this summer themed topper?

With a big sister hat to match? Dying over here!

I love that Madee is walkign everywhere now, because she can wear dresses without the drag factor. I absolutley love these little creations made from old pillowcases. I really need a sewing machine!

And how adorable is this little peasant dress? I want a matching one! If you feel like making Madee one, she's wearing a 2T for summer most likely...

Anyway, super cute stuff! And 11 weeks or less and I get another baby to put it on!

I also will be registering at Target.com and Amazon.com, too bad Craigslist.com doesn't have a registry, because a lot of things I want may actually be affordable used, such as this awesome bike trailer that has a jogging a cross country ski conversion kit, or this one, this little "perfect for the beach" travel swing and one of these fancy baby carriers that doesn't strain Mommy's back!

I am excited to see what treasures I can find during garage sales this summer...it is so ridiculous to buy things new when before you you know it, they are all grown up!