Monday, June 29, 2009

From the Hat Series

This is actually from a couple of weeks ago...sweet little thing.

Tomorrow is Eden's 1 month birthday and her 1 month check up with Dr. Doyle. We are excited to see how she has grown, because she seems so long and she is starting to get a little fleshy in her fingers and feet now.

As long as he gives her the thumbs up for being a healthy baby, we will be leaving for our big road trip back to Alabama. I have been packing and organizing like crazy to keep everything handy, labeled and at the ready for the girls on the road, so posting has been light, as I have had my full hands a little fuller.

For the first time on a road trip, we don't have one of those little wireless internet doo hickeys, so we will be in and out of internet service, but I will still be posting as we go. We are excited to get Eden State Count started - I think last we counted, Madee was at 19 or so...and this time there are lots of things along the way that Madee can really enjoy, like parks, picnics, zoos and museums.

But for now I leave you with this cuteness, who is already growning up fast...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Some recent scores...

So all season I have been searching garage sales and such for a few items. Although this rocking horse/unicorn was not on the list, at $5 it was totally a score...

It also makes galloping and neighing noises when you pinch his ears. And his mouth moves when he whinnys. Adorable.

Also I have been looking high and low for a dining area table - and our space is limited, so it had some serious requirements for this one - I wanted a round wooden pedestal table - and it wasn't easy to find.

We got this one at a garage sale - the same as the unicorn - for $25. I even see painting it black one day - but I like as is for now...

And perhaps my greatest score to date - A Bob jogging stroller. This is a $300 stroller and I have coveted one since Madee was born.

$20. Redonkulous!

Last Mother's Day, my parents gave me the statue on the right. Charlie got the other from his parents this Father's Day. They look just like our family does right now.

So sweet.
Speaking of sweet.

Block configuration built by me for Madee.


Today she picked out a couple empty purses and handed me one, and we went pretend garage saling around the house. She packed up a purse and handed me my shoes, then went and stood by the door asking to really go.

Her Dad took her for an outing right away.

I am looking forward to taking her to some for real garage sales tomorrow.

She loves the score!

Every time Eden cries, even if Madee is outside - Madee comes running to her. She always consistenly responds. It is the cutest thing. She gets very unsettled when eden is crying for too long. She will motion for you to fix it.

Pretty Little Lady.

I also had the opportunity to shore up her little hair line.


After. She looks like such a little girl with her big girl haircut.

Eden does this most of the time. But she wakes up if I put her down. She wants to still be attached. Thank you again Brody for my Ergo. I would get anything 2 handed done without it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A few randoms...

I found a couple of photos that must have slipped past me last week. We had a lot going on with the Dervs here and all.

Anyway - here is Zeus chilling with Eden on the couch.

Eden and Madee play baby gym.

Sleepy girl.

Oh goodness.

In her cradle.

Oh I just love these of Madee.

Little sidewalk chalk artist.

Sweet lips.

Chalk face.



She's a good drawer...

She still eats crayons.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

What a lucky mother I am.

I knew when I first met Charlie that he was the one. I knew he was good enough for my kids - that, in fact my kids would be ever so lucky to have a Dad like him.

And I was oh so right.

It is beautiful to watch a Daddy's girl develop. Madee will do anything with her Dad. She loves to go on miles long hikes and play in the water and head out for bike rides with him. She loves him completely and doesn't want him to ever leave her behind.

And to see him with a tiny baby is just awesome for my soul. He is so sweet and loving as he carefully changes her little clothes, as he burps her just right as she falls asleep on his chest after not being able to get comfortable anywhere else.

I can so relate to that last one.

He is such an attentive and active and fun Dad. He teaches them how to open their mouths a show food, how to rip a burp, how to make Mom laugh her head off until she is in tears. He teaches Madee about fixing household items, how to plant trees, how to balance on things, how to do 180s and 360s in mid air.

I actually got 2 new favorite Madee and Daddy pictures this week. I love this one. You can see how much he loves her...

Oh and this one makes my heart flutter, my girl's hot Dad. Her little hand in his. His heart in her little hand. Thank you for being an amazing father and an awesome husband. I couldn't ask for a better man to lead our family.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beach Day

Well the weather certainly has turned has been getting pretty warm during the day.

We had a Family Beach BBQ at Pope Beach - the Dervs are in town...and we just couldn't get Madee out of the water.

Here is what she looks like when she is surfing. Practice makes perfect.

She has a love/hate relationship with water. She only wants it on her own terms. This same kid screams in the bathtub...

I love this one...

She has such a great time in the sand and water. She is such an outside girl, and she has such beachy hair that she just looks natural on the shore.

My sunshine.

She is too cute to watch. She was telling her Grandpa what to do all sassy like.

And he is such a sucker for it.

She had lots of fun scaring her Grandma near the water. She really doesn't go in past her ankles. Lake Tahoe is cold! I can barely keep my toes in - it isn't that warm out yet!

Too cute.
Like her mom, Madee is always trying to feed people.

The focus is on the cheese. Ha.

Miss Sweet Pea of the Universe.

How Eden spent her first day at the beach. Surprise! She slept through the whole thing! She is a very sleepy baby.

Our picnic tree.

I love this belly.

Van Dervens.

Madee loves to dump out any bag or package of anything. Despite fully knowing this, I always leave things around for he to make a mess with. Like a bag of Doritos...

We are having lots of fun with the Grandparents Van Derven. Seriously - too many pictures to put up!