Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Hey everybody! We hope you had an awesome holiday weekend!

Ours was just chock full of fun stuff to do. I think every week should be a Monday holiday. Especially in Summer.

We started the weekend out at the Beacon friday night with Maggie and the girls. It was a gorgeous night and the girls were so cute going wild on the beach. And the chicken fingers were delicious.

Saturday morning we picked up Brian and Lila and went Memorial Day Weekend Garage Saling. Madee and Lila got matching tiny big wheels. Don't worry, you be getting some pics of that soon, Madee is already practicing her stunt moves.

Here's Lila on the garage sale trail...

We went to the beach a couple times this weekend.

Madee loves everything about the beach.

That Tahoe water freezes my toes, but Madee just heads right in.

Cutest butt ever.

Here we are at the beach today. Lila and Madee rode in our best garage sale score from the weekend a Burley bike trailer for 2!

They really like each other and were so good on the ride to the beach! Madee and Lila have known each other since Madee was born - It is so cute to watch them grow up together.

We have a lot of fun with the Sloans.

Madee on the loose.

Little Lila.

Beach Family.

Give a kid some sand and some water...Even after hours of biking and beaching and hanging out, Madee still never wants to come back inside.

She loves summer. Just watching her makes me love summer even more.

Tonight Madee picked out her own outfit after bath time.

This is by far my favorite picture of her EVER. Seriously. This is SO my kid.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Madee has been so funny lately. Part of it is the oxytocin hormones making me delight in her every giggle. Part of it is she is just so cute.

She loves bubbles. Sometimes we have to keep them out of sight. Because seriously, she wants to do it first thing in the morning and then all day long.

She loves to read and to be read to. Especially by her Daddy, because he employs variations and accents for her listening pleasure.

Lately she says "All done", "Hi Zeus", "Hey there", and "bobbadadeh?" which seems to mean "How you say?"

Goofy girl. All day today she just laughs at everything. Like she is getting all sorts of inside jokes that until today have eluded her. Cutest thing.ever.

"Where's Mommy?"

Charlie has been doing lots of improvements to the yards lately. Here is our new lilac tree and the grass seed has started sprouting. He is so proud, he could literally sit there all day and watch his grass grow.

I am growing some wildflowers and pumpkins out front. They have sprouted quite nicely, and I am sure you will see some pics as soon as they look like something.

Meanwhile, here are Madee's Ranunculus. They sure are pretty.

Madee likes her spinner...

So we are at 37 weeks and had a visit with the doctor today.

Nothing new to report. He did the ultrasound, not the tech, so all the info I got was she is doing quite well in there.

He was pretty chatty today. He said that with how well she was growing in there and how great my blood pressure was holding up (it was 115/76 today) he wouldn't have a problem letting me go to 41 weeks.

I told him he better watch what he says because with talk like that I wouldn't have any problem killing him.

Anyway everything is cool and as much as I think ever other 10 minutes that I am going into labor I still have time to kill.

In the mean time, this weekend is going to be a killer garage sale spectacular, and the Farmer's Market probably starts next Tuesday so at least I have other things to look forward to!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family Time!

My Aunt Leslie and Uncle Bo won a trip out to Tahoe - how cool is that?

Madee loves all kinds of grandparents, and didn't take long to snuggle up to Memama and Daddybo. We took them to see Emerald Bay. Somebody doesn't think she needs to hold hands.

Sassing around an Emerald Bay overlook

I haven't seen Leslie and Bo in lots of years, and sharing my family, especially my little girl with them was very special. I spent a lot of time at their house when I was a little girl.

We have a new favorite summer restaurant hangout. Not only do they have live music on the weekends, but you can sit outside and walk on the beach while you are waiting for your dinner.

Madee always makes friends wherever she goes. She loves older kids and it is so cute to watch them play with her and talk to her.

These kids kept saying, "Don't you talk yet, baby?"

It takes a little bit for Madee to open up.

Loves DaddyBo

Hanging at dinner.

Wandering around the outside of the restaurant again.

Somebody else hanging out at dinner. He was trying to steal my diaper bag.

Chilling with some juice and homies.

Madee's new riding spot. She's the lookout!

My lovelies in the sun.

I heart summer!

Just so you know, even though it was snowing like, 3 weeks ago, it is hot like a mutha here now! Hot enough to have the fan out, and for Madee to sweat during diaper only naps! Woohoo!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

So I am officially on Maternity leave...and although it is nice to know I have this time to rest, I enjoy what I do so much that I will miss my sessions for the next couple of months. Here are some adorable pics of my last session - little Macy who is already 6 months old.

I cannot believe how fast they grow up. It blows my mind.

Madee makes her own costumes. She found this belt and made it a crossing guard sash.

And then she gave me a ticket.

And here she is playing with her favorite new toy which she got for Mother's Day.

She LOVES water, so this is right up her alley.

Goofy girl eats her yogurt all by herself...messy!

So I went for my weekly with the doctor on Tuesday. My blood pressure was awesome, the ultrasound was normal and everything tested A-Ok with the non stress test. Since I am 36 1/2 weeks he went ahead and checked the baby.

I am dilated 1 cm, 50 % effaced and the head is down. If you don't know what that means feel free to Google it but I don't plan on elaborating any more than that even if I speak to you privately.

What I will tell you is that I could remain that way for 2 weeks or more. Or we could go into labor tomorrow. I am seeing a OB/GYN, not a fortune teller, so he can't predict any more than that.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT start calling the house to ask if the baby is here.

Even Charlie knows how to use this blogger machine so we swear, we will keep everybody updated if and when anything happens, and we will also post pictures ASAP.

That being said, we are very excited to know she could come any day. The doc wants her to stay in a week or 2, but we think that would just be cruel, especially when everybody is so excited to see/smell/kiss her.

We just want her to come when she is good and ready for the outside world. We have learned what a huge transition that is for a little person.

This is the cradle by our bed that she will be sleeping in...

All of her clothes are clean, folded, and waiting for her here in her dresser/ changing station.

Keep checking the site for updates!

Meanwhile, my rad Auntie Leslie is in town for the rest of the week, so everyone can rest easy knowing I am well taken care of!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

And guess who is 16 months old!

Today was a great day. I really enjoy being a mom and here are 2 of the biggest reasons why...

Here's a picture of Madee in my belly.

We picked up a yummy lunch and headed for the beach. Madee loves this beach because she can run around just about anywhere without me trying to rope her in.

Aerial view of Eden. 36 weeks.

Side view. Part of me is actually going to miss this belly. She just has a good shape.

Before I was a mama, I used to dream about it and picture it and know exactly what I would do if...

Things I have found out as an actual mama is this:

1. It is much harder than it looks
2. The first 4 years ages you like a presidency
3. I was wrong when I thought I would know exactly what I would do if...
4. I never knew how much I could love my kids.
5. I never knew how much I could love my husband.
6. I never knew how often I could experience awe, gratitude, overwhelming love, and amazement.

I can't believe how grown up Madee is in her mere 16 months. She is so independent and way too smart and funny and sweet. I remember when she was in my belly and I had given her so much personality in my mind and my heart before I had even made eye contact.

So far I have been so on target. It feels like I have known her for so long, in fact it is hard to remember what life was like before her.

She made my Mother's Day card herself - okay maybe a little of help from Dad. I love to watch her concentrate on a project. Surprisingly, she is using her right hand here, and she has always seemed to prefer her left.

Here ya go, Mom. Love you.

And a little blast from last Mother's Day.

She was just trying cereal for the first time. To think now she is walking, running, jumping, climbing, talking, screeching, snuggling, kissing. It all goes so fast and I am so glad to not miss any of it.

I cannot believe how much she has changed in a year. Wow. How much we have all changed in a year. Charlie and I were still such brand new parents and she was still so precious and clean and containable.

We are so excited to have our second little girl to add to the mix. C'mon little chubby cheeks...we are waiting!

I feel so lucky to have this family - these little ladies to show the world - this wonderful man to share my life and my children with. I am the luckiest mom in the world!