Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happier than a Pig in Potting Soil

So yesterday Charlie asks me what project I want him to do.

I give him a magazine clipping I have been hanging onto for a while, it is a picture of the perfect potting bench.

And BAM!

All of the sudden it is the almost perfect potting bench, because the perfect one is in my back yard!

Behold its adorable glory...
So friggity cute I can't stand it!

Speaking of so friggity cute...

Madee is getting braver in the water!

She loves beach sunsets with Dad.

Oh yeah. She is all about her new sippy cup now.

And although she hasn't gotten her boat in the water yet, she enjoys hanging out on the shore in it.

And now I leave you again with what was once a dream...

And is now an adorable piece of my own backyard.

Oh, and Charlie will build you one too if you have $150!

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