Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey guys! Happy Valentine's Day!

Here I am having a good time in my bath last night! Don't you just love my punk rock hair?

Mom caught Dad and me having a snack together the other day, and of course, she got out the black box.

She says she can't help herself since we are so cute together.

Milk chin twins.

Anyway, it has been a rough week for me.

Yesterday we were ALL sick on the couch watching cartoons for most of the day. I love to snuggle with Dad. He just has this way of making me feel better.

I get very clingy with him when I don't feel good. That's what Mom does, so I figure it must be the best way to get better.

And my thumb is in my mouth the whole time I don't feel good, unless Mommy brings me milk or juice.

Dad got my Valentine very early this morning and we spent some time on the bed watching some basketball. He put my "One Love" shirt on me today.

I love to lay on him.

He is definitely the best Valentine ever.

I hear Uncle Cousin Brody is on his way up the hill to be our Valentine, too.

I hope you are ready for snuggles, UC Bro, because I am just chock full of them!

Sending everybody lots of kisses and love!

Oh, this "oldie but goodie" is for you, Rachel...I love your panties! Maybe Mom will get mine back out when I feel a little more like smiling!

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