Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stuff I did lately...

I went to Lila's house for some Super Bowl pre-game fun.

I love to play with my friends' toys!

Here's Mom and her first big official check for K Van D Photography! Go Mom! YOu're totally legit now! (even if you look sleepy!)

Here's Mom fresh from the shower after a full night of sleep. Apparently, that does not happen too often! (Take a picture and it will last longer!)

We have had so little snow that we can still get the stroller out! Ono is a mooch and she sits on my lap to avoid exercise!

This was taken right before I pushed her off! She heavy! Work out already!

I love to bite stuff. Seriously, watch your fingers!

Ono loves my bean bag!

Here I am climbing stuff at school. I love this drum! It is WAY bigger than the one I have at home...

I also enjoy climbing the stuff that is made for climbing on!

I totally know how to jump now!

And tunnels are super cool! Tunnel in...

Tunnel out!

I dance ALL THE TIME! I dance for cheese! Go Wisconsin! (Although we eat Tillamook from Oregon!) Go West Coast cows! They are happy!

I am happy! See my toothbrush in my pocket? I am so into hygiene!

I also like to comb my hair. I know just what to do!

Isn't this hairstyle awesome? I can comb your hair too!

Oh well that's the rundown of what has gone on lately! We are hoping for more snow this week so we can sled again! Wish us luck!

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Jaime said...

Oh I see how it is Madee... you can go to Lila's house for Super Bowl but can't stop by my house down the street- pfft, whatever. But hey, let's go sledding this weekend! Love, Aubrey