Tuesday, November 10, 2009

22 months

I can't even believe all the things she can do. Today she was climbing some advanced ladder type stuff and she can swing and slide like crazy.

She also knows an "M" when she sees one and is very much into Finding Nemo right now. In fact, The movie is a little bit scary in parts and she understands the frantic parts are scary - in fact she wakes up at night and I think she is having bad dreams, but she wants to see it all the time and i just think that Ellen Degeneres fish is so cute.

She also likes when I roll down the window so she can handle park employees and other drive thru people - she just loves saying "hi".

The kisses are free and juicy and the high fives are also quite plentiful with this one. She is nothing if not tenacious and also so friendly.

Her motor, social and verbal skills are blowing my mind. Every day she surprises me with a word, recognition or even a whole saying, and she is starting to string words together on her own.

She is a very responsible dog owner and is very good at feeding and walking her dog. Ono isn't thrilled with the status of being Madee's dog, but hey, better her than the rest of us.

We all have to take a turn, Ono.

Check her out - we played markers today and then it turned into "Pretend Seedy Miami Tattoo Parlor".

Kids these days...

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Jaime said...

"Where am I going? I'll tell you where I'm going... P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Syndney. That's where I'm going."

We obviously watch a lot of Nemo around here too. BTW, loving the Family Sized Fun blog. Have fun out there!