Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The kids are still pretty cute

Yeah, that little shock of red hair is killing me.

And this one is growing up more and more each day! She is such a good helper - especially when it comes to her sister!

Happy Baby
Being cute on the playground.
A sweet kiss.
And introducing...Mr. Tooth!

I finally got a shot of the first one. It is funny, to us, sometimes we look at her and she is literally all tooth. That tooth is the only thing I see.

It's a cute one!

We went to Makutu's Island - a huge indoor play place for kids in Chandler, and Madee had such a great time. She loved skee ball and the driving video games, and ran and played went down a crazy twirly slide.

Ida had a great time, too. She loves to see kids playing and she was wiggling and reaching for stuff the whole time. She's just growing up so fast!

Madee has a new obsession with Nemo so she was totally into these fish.

And Ida spends a lot of time with this Ritz cracker sleeve I gave her a couple of weeks ago. I just thread it through anything - her pants, the bumbo, any toy - and she just has a good old time crinkling it.

She just has some screaming out in utter pain fits with these teeth coming in. I keep telling her how much she is going to like meat when she gets a couple more!

Did you hear there is a Hurricane Ida? I was named after Hurricane Carmen, and my sister's names were on the Hurricane List the years they were born.

Coincidence? Hmmmm...

Goodness she has a sweet face.

All grown up on the playground...I love how she picks her wedgie!

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