Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sled Day!

Dad got me this rad new stroller!

I think it is pretty cool to ride so low to the ground. I get a good view of all this white stuff.

Come to think of it, I don't remember all this white stuff being here before on our walks.
Maybe we moved and Mom and Dad just didn't say anything...

Zeus loves the white stuff and he showed me how to eat it.

Here I am showing Mom that I ate it and it is all gone.

Mom is lots of fun to ride in the stroller with because she squeals alot and we crash.

Look at Mom's rad boots! They keep her feet very warm.

Mom and I have a lot of fun in the snow. Apparently it is all pretty new to her, too.

Dad is very good at this...

Even when Zeus runs in front of us.

We go really fast!

Dad holds me like this when we get to the bottom of the hill.

And he carries me around like a little suitcase.

He says I am his little eskimo and now we give eskimo kisses.

We have such a good time!

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