Thursday, December 25, 2008

Best Christmas Ever

I barely even have the words, so I will keep it simple.

My gorgeous girl.
My other gorgeous girl.

Doesn't like Santa much.

Loves new pajamas.

She very good at opening presents.

Left Santa cookies.

Shared Santa's cookies.

Dad said "No."

Stole Santa's cookies.

Santa came anyway.


Favorite is the monkey bread.

Love this baby doll.

Love this baby doll.

Happiest Mom on Earth.

White Christmas wasn't a dream.

Lila came for Christmas Dinner.

Madee can't believe all the food and friends.

The kids' table.

More kids' table.

Out of the bath.

Just plain cute.

Santa was very good to us, and he left me a new point and shoot for everyday fun. Also a tv for my bedroom. Santa loves me. Charlie got snowshoes and ski poles and a yummy soft robe. Madee got so much stuff we are still buried under it.

We are pretty sure she is in here somewhere.

Another girl! We are super excited!

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