Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finally figured out

After a lot of struggling...

here are some pictures I have not been able to download for a week or so. Madee of course, had her birthday right before we left Tahoe, and she thinks cakes are the best part of birthdays for sure.
And she also loves baths finally. But still isn't keen on the whole hair washing thing...

Every picture I took during this bath, Eden had the same face, like she was just a little super imposed image.

She often looks a little worried during bathtime with Madee, since Madee really enjoys washing her hair, and she isn't so keen on that, just like her sister.

Pretty doe eyes.
Madee on the road in South Dakota. She is such a good traveler.

Eden's sweetie face. She is a good traveler too.

Sometimes we stop to get out for giggles and kisses.

Her hair is growing like crazy and has lots of wave in it like her dad. But she is getting closer to my color.
Dad's hot
Shoulder rides. (Same cow lick.)
Ear bites.
Seriously. Dad's hot.

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