Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun with Friends

So today we went to the Gymnastics Academy here in Duluth for open Preschool Play Gym. It was AWESOME!

Look at all these friends!

The time is alotted for kids 0 to 6, so both of the girls had so much fun! Madee got to run around and jump on a trampoline and play in a foam pit, and Eden practiced crawling all over stuff.

And baby push ups!
We also learned that when Madee gets nervous she takes her clothes off.

I don't even think she was hot, and I kept showing her the other kids who were wearing clothes and explaining that is just how things are done outside the house.

Although it did make her the cutest kid there.

There were all sorts of bounce stations and fun and kids running around. What a great way to spend some time and energy! It has been a while since they have been well enough to play with others, so it was long over due.

Even though it -7 degrees when we pulled into the parking lot.

You have no idea the drama, trauma, and crazy mama that goes on trying to get these 2 in and out of clothing and cars and buildings.

It is seriously a lot of physical and mental stress to keep everybody pulled together and usually, at least one of us is crying.

It is also fun being the novelty mom that just moved here from Southern California. Oh the looks I get! Mamas just can't believe I would even agree to something like coming here in January.

Yes I said -7 degrees this morning.

As in feels like -22.

Like I could tell the difference!
Here's Eden's home workout...obviously I figured out video again.

Cute little monkey!

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