Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fun at the Denver Zoo

We are finally in Green Bay, but we had lots of adventures on our way here! We decided to skip the Rocky Mountain National Park and take Madee for her first trip to the Denver Zoo!

Here we are looking at the animals!

Ooh! Ask Madee where Rhinos come from and she will tell you "Denver."

Okay, well it sounds like a lot of the words she says but we know what she's talking about.

Madee blew kisses at this guy.

She couldn't get a great view from the stroller every time, so sometimes she got a boost.

These were some funny guys.

I think this is the pachyderms. Most of those other kids were pretty impressed with my elephant call...

Zebra bait.

Madee love giraffes. Her favorite puzzle piece at school is one!

Elephant bait.

This was by far the cutest thing at the zoo...



Camel bait.

We tried to explain to Madee that this is what Ono eats.

She says she'd like to see that.

Ono says thank goodness for humans.

We had a great time, it was really the best stroll ever.

More pics of our roadtrip coming soon!

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