Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween is RAD!!!

Yes, I realize there are 3 exclamation points...

See, when I woke up yesterday, Mom and Dad had a brand new outfit for me to wear. I thought it was a little bulky, but then Dad explained that it was Halloween.

He says that on Halloween, ghosties and goblins come out of the dark woods and steal little kids' candy.

I didn't even know I had any candy.

Then Dad says if I dress up like a little skunk, no ghosties or goblins will even know I am a kid. And no one wants to steal a skunk's candy.

Dad sure is smart.

Especially when it come to candy!

Mom is lots of fun. She was totally ready to take me to my Halloween party at school.

But not before a big tickle kiss.

Lots of kids were dressed in funny outfits, so I didn't feel so goofy when I got there. Snow White and the Evil Queen even came to school.

And several little fairies...

And this little girl dressed up like a butterfly. I don't think she likes butterflies.

And a teeny little Dorothy.
I really liked her shoes.

School was pretty crazy yesterday - I never saw so many kids in one place.

I did my best to just blend in, just in case anybody was there to skank my candy.

Then Mom and I had to leave a little early and go to the doctor.
I am 30 1/4 inches and 22 pounds. But I have been 22 pounds for quite a while. I work out alot.

Anyway I don't like the doctor very much. I am a very private person and he is always getting a little too personal.

So after my nap, my friend Lila came over and we went to beg candy from strangers. Dad says when it turns dark, little kids pretend to be ghosties and goblins and go steal the big people's candy.

Now that sounds more like it.

When Lila and I came home, we got to play while Mom and Dad went through our candy for a "safety check".

That was pretty much the last time I saw it.

Halloween is okay with me. I woke up this morning and asked Dad "Can we dress up and go beg for candy today?"

He says we have to wait until next year...

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