Monday, November 24, 2008

Meet Me in St. Louis

We heart road trips! I just love my new carseat because I can see what is going on now....

And it isn't so bad to kick back and sleep in either!

Ono came on our trip because she is my bestest buddy. We totally have the same schedule for eating/sleeping/playing.

When you first leave Tahoe, there is lots of boring stuff, so I slept through all that.

You can tell we are going east...

Because the sunset is in our rearview mirrors!

First sign of civilization for a while...

The new car has a DVD in it! I don't watch it much, but it provides good light in the dark part of driving.

Mommy found this tree in St. Louis - can you see the heart?

Mommy finds love everywhere...especially at this blog. This lady has been wishing for a baby for a long time, and he got here yesterday.

We are very excited for them!

We found this too! (No it isn't a McDonalds!)

Mommy says you can go up in an elevator almost to the top!

Daddy is an awesome night driver. I like this light in the sky. I love lights!

St. Louis was fun, except the battery died in the car and Mom and I had to hustle in the parking lot of a JC Penney for a new battery...

Of course she didn't have her camera that day. I keep telling her to TAKE IT EVERYWHERE!

Here we are in our hotel. They had breakfast every morning and that was totally my favorite part!

My goofy Family...

Kisses in action!

We will get some more new pics soon!

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