Thursday, July 23, 2009

Minneapolis fun...

We got to meet Tate and Jayde's little Eamon! He is 7 months old and the last time I was in town, he arrived right after we left!

What a cutie pie! Madee liked him alot. Eamon wanted to eat her crayons...

I know that was a whole lot of exclamation points, but he is really just the sweetest buddy. And we are excited to kids the same age as Tate and Jayde's. Plus he is the bendiest baby I have ever met!

Pretty Blue Eyes

I also got a haircut at a great salon while I was here - Charlie sent me in for a haircut and a massage for our anniversary. Have you heard of daymaking? The owner of this fabulous Aveda Salon and Spa wrote a book about it and they hand it out to you on your first visit.

They certainly made my day!

Now I don't have dragged out Mom hair!

And other than that we have just been living the ritzy hotel life at the Holiday Inn. Madee loves to get ready to go down and eat. I think breakfast is her favorite - they have lots of fruit!

And we skidder down the halls saying "hi!" to everyone on our floor.

And have photo shoots in the late morning sun.

And laugh. And play.

And snuggle.

And smile alot.

And snuggle some more...

We check out today and head back to Wisconsin for some much needed cousin time...then back to Lake Tahoe for us!

We have had a great trip so far, and it will be nice to be at home so everybody can relax a little bit - vacation is go go go and we are looking forward to just chilling in our own space again for a while.

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Anonymous said...

I just want to say you are an amazing Mommy! My dad, your Mom's Uncle Sandy has enjoyed seeing the blog from time to time.
My daughters Morgan (17) and Christin (11) love to see the latest photos and your updates on the girls.
Though I haven't seen you in years, you still remind me of the "little you". On one of your visits I kept you and took you swimming at our house with our Grandmother.
We would have love to caught up with you on your way to the lake house. I talk with your Mom every few weeks. She is SOOOO proud of you and those precious angels, and Charlie too!

Cousin Jeanene McMurry Risinger in the Trinity, AL