Friday, July 31, 2009

More from Wisconsin...

My sister in law, Jessica, and I rarely get a chance to get shutter happy on our girls together, so we had a little 36 hour photo-fest when we stayed with them in Plymouth.

I am not sure how often you go through Wisconsin towns, but in the summer it is absolutely adorable - the architecture, the green farmland, the red barns - and the weather is windy and warm. It is enough to make you want to move there.

Except for that dang cold winter. Because that just doesn't even make sense.

Everytime we make our way back to our own home, we are ready to sell the house and move - never sure exactly where, but we miss our family being out here on the West Coast. After spending such a lovely month with so many fun family members and seeing Madee with her family it is hard to want to be back.

So, family, we miss you terribly and we want you to know we had a great time with all of you and really enjoyed our visits. It is hard to live without you in our immediate vicinity.

That being said, we get home and I have to tell you I really love my house. I think it is too small and not updated enough and a little too hot, but I feel really good here. Since we have been home I have been revamping, rearranging, and repurposing like crazy so everything is a mess and I have barely upacked. I think it will take a good week or so to settle in.

Anyhoo, back to photofest. We chased those little girls around with cameras for many of those precious hours and boy, I can tell you there is no more challenging subject than a tiny human on the move. It is hard to get good ones of both of them at the same time...

Then they just get crazy... here is a tackle from Rachel that ended up on the floor.

And the classic cousin shot. Yep she sunk those teeth right in and deep! This one is going to be SO funny when they are 16! I mean, it is already funny now, but who knows how the dynamics of their relationship will change over the years?

I don't know, I think Rachel is already the leader of this show!

Silly Little Swinger

Oh Mama

Unh. I love this baby.

Kissing Cousins

Rachel and Auntie Jess

Leg Meat. From the neck down, they are little twins.

Dad and Eden get in on the action.


Two months old tomorrow! Time is flying - except at night. We could definately use more sleep around here!

Many, many things to do!


Jessica Van Derven said...

I love the biting picture. Bless Madee's little heart. Rachel owes her an apology!

Jessica Van Derven said...

Great pics - Poor Madee. Rachel owes her an appology. Save that picture!