Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

We went for BBQ in Auburn, and quite honestly, I can't get it off my mind. I think tonight might be a BBQ run for dinner...

I have been going to Country's BBQ since I was like, 5 or something. I remember playing on this HUGE red rocking chair.

Restaurants in CA never give you enough salad dressing. Not the case in these parts.

That HUGE red rocker looks a lot smaller now...

Baby eyelashes.

We are starting to get ready to hit the road again tomorrow. Charlie and Madee are paddling the canoe around the cove, I am doing laundry and cleaning up the floors, and it seems very quiet when compared to the hustle and bustle that has been this house for the last 2 weeks. My sister and her friends left yesterday, so it is just us for the last couple days we are here.

We have had such a good time out here - it was so great to hang out with the family and all the friends who have been around here in the past couple weeks.

And it is also nice to recharge in the quiet. The girls are calm and sweet and soaking up the the last bits of this sweltering heat.

They take pretty good naps in this kind of weather.

Madee was in rare form - she doesn't usually sit so still for me - she even looked right into the camera for a few shots.

She loves her sister.

I think this lamp is really cool. I would try and locate one for myself but I would be upset when it broke so I decided to just opt for the picture of it.

This is the bed I grew up with - I remember it was my first real big girl bed.

We aren't the only ones who vacation here.

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