Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Ideas

So, I keep getting asked what the kids need for Christmas, or even what they want for Christmas, and where to send it.

And I am at a loss.

They need love, food, shelter and clothing.

And that is about it.

They want candy, playtime, and whatever some other kid is playing with. It is just their nature.

I read a quote on a blog site today that really sums up the considerations I wish all toy buyers would think about before purchasing plastic stuff that does little else but turn on and make noise.
Will this toy help her embrace creativity?
Will it stimulate her imagination?
Will it help her learn to be generous?
For this is the beauty-filled youth I know we all want to give our little ones…
the childhood that will teach them
to think beyond themselves and make a difference.
When I packed the RV I brought puzzles, books, puppets and dress up clothes - things that make Madee play with them, instead of just watching them play themselves. And I find that already it has made a difference with her playground friendships, and confused her during indoor playgroups spilling over with plastic toys to fight over.

And that is a good thing.

I know I sound like a hippie. HELLO I live outside for the most part and do my dishes by hand. Today I smell like a hippie, so I don't really care how I sound, but I am trying to get my kids to a simpler place without all the whistles and bells and encourage them to be generous, kind and creative.

And if that makes me a hippie, pass the granola and some blocks made from a sawed up 2X4, ya'll.

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