Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Here are some pics from the last week or so in SoCal...

Boho Mama.
This one kills me.
Gorgeous surfer daddy
Guess who is so big now!
And guess who is feeling broken in!

We left the Rv in Oceanside and traveled up together for Christmas and some doctor appointments. It is going to be a white Christmas for us!

Well, kind of.

It has been a while since fresh stuff, so the snow is a little dirty.

Anyway Eden loves her high chair since we have been back. She also likes to chase cheerios around and drink from this sippy cup.

Such a big girl so fast!

Madee and Eden after bath, before pajamas.
Madee is hardcore, and still begs for the playground despite the snow and the cold.

What can I say? Kids need fresh air.

Madee has been toying with the idea of skiing...we just can't seem to get the whole idea moved outside into the snow yet.

They both had Christmas outfits on the other day, and so we tried to get a Christmas photo.


I really feel for my clients when they are trying to get something like this together...

The only one where nobody is moving or crying...

And my fave. Christmas is just better with kids.

Christmas cookies are better with kids too.

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