Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cute as a Button!

yes, she does get cuter every day!

So last night her little umbilical stump fell of, leaving an adorable cutie pie belly button! I am relieved, because that little thing kept making me nervous at changings and belly time.

It seems she is getting bigger, as her little onesies are starting to fit better, and she has perfected this little goat noise that she makes during sleep. (Mommy can't sleep through the goat noises so there is alot of sleep watching going on.) Speaking of sleeping, she sleeps with mom and dad, and is pretty stoked about that! According to everything I am reading, newborns like to snuggle alot, and we don't deny her that closeness.

After being so close and tucked in for nine months, it is hard for either one of us to be without the other without getting a little lonely! Right now she is curled up sleeping on her dad's lap as he works, which is just as sweet as can be!

She is staying awake for a little longer per day, and sleeping a little longer at night, although fitfully...did you know that newborns spend more time in REM sleep? And they make lots of noises and movements when they dream. Apparently it is due to all the processing going on in their new little brains. In the next few weeks she will reach a deeper sleep cycle, which means Mommy just may get some shut eye for longer too...


jerri18260 said...

Hi Karmen, i enjoy reading your blogs! since i am so far away, it is away for me to be a part of the family! Brad and Bart both slept with me and junior. I would not change a thing about that! A lot of people gave me fits about the "family" bed but we were all so close and snuggly. they grow up too fast! give your mom my love! oh and madee, charlie and norm and ono and zoey and zues and any body that i may have left out! love you always, jerri

mike meyer said...

hi everybody! very cool! I hope the dogs aren't too jealous about all the attention the baby is getting?