Friday, January 25, 2008

Giggly Little Goat

I wear big girl outfits!

We wear ourselves out by 8 PM...

as sweet as it gets

I am so weakened by her cuteness. Her giggly little goat noises just kill me, and she can go on with them for hours at a time. I am pretty sure she is going to be a talker like her mom.

But she really isn't fond of playing dress up yet. That just makes her mad.

We are trying out her sling today, which keeps her close and snug but also gives me some free hands, and although it is a little awkward, maybe, I am thinking we will figure it out and like it alot. She loves being held, and it keeps her right in kissing/tickling range. Win-win!

She is starting to play with and tangle and pull my hair, focus on parts of our faces, and giggle and squirm when we tickle and kiss her. She is still sleeping for most of the time, but she does spend a few hours a day stretching and staring and cooing and just hanging out with her mom and dad and the dogs.

Life is pretty sweet.

I have been doing quite well with adjusting to baby, healing from childbirth and getting back into the swing of things - including my old clothes. It is so weird how I was just very hugely pregnant, and now I am almost back to my regular size. I don't know, it just seemed to take so much time to grow and not all that much to shrink, and I just didn't expect that.


Tomorrow Auntie Lisa and Mad and I will try breakfast at Billy's...I am feeling like it is time, and Madelyn has lots of people to meet there that have been feeding me french toast throughout the pregnancy and can't wait to meet her. We actually went out to dinner the other night and she was very good and didn't even wake up until we were ready for the bill. That ruled...I hope it is a trend, although I am realizing that as soon as I think I get her and know what to expect she changes things up again.

And I should probably get used to that.

For the most part, I spend my recent days sleeping when I can, eating when I remember to, snuggling and kissing and touching the baby, (have I mentioned how yummy the neck is? hers is super tasty!) which luckily right now, she just loves.

I love to lay with her passed out on my chest in the quiet, thinking of how one day she will be a 33 year old woman like me, who just doesn't curl up there anymore.

I just treasure every minute with her, feel a little lost when I go somewhere without her, and feel a whole lot more complete now that she is here.

It is an incredible feeling, and I am so lucky that feeling is happening to me.

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