Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tiny Love

It is a Saturday, and it is snowing (yet again) outside. For someone who didn't grow up in snow, I sure get a whole lot of it now. It struck me as funny the other night as I was scraping ice off the truck, warming it up, shoveling a path and throwing baby, grandma and grandpa into the 4X4 to go have dinner. Maybe now I have earned my passage from Mountain Gypsy Diva to Urban Mountain Mom. Umm...those are nice initials.

Madelyn and I are little sick, but we really should go have breakfast club with Auntie Lisa, and perhaps stop by Long's to get some birth announcement pictures developed. She is just sitting right behind me giggling in her kicky bouncer and half sleeping.

She has been such a good girl.

Yesterday we watched a little TV. She doesn't usually like TV, but it was the Disney Channel and it sounded cool and looked bright and colorful so she was actually kind of into it. Well, into it in her own way. She was actually up for hours - probably the longest stretch of awake yet, and we sat in various places and positions, played tummy time, activity gym, and kicky bouncer.

It was already a rad day and then the UPS guy got here.

He brought her this awesome gimini tiny love super gym that has colors and hanging animals to bat and pull at and a mirror, which she spent some time looking in, for sure. It also plays Mozart and little flowers light up.

Anyway, it is kind of a big deal, and she loved it immediately.

Well then she got over it, but it is sure to grow to be a hit.

Have I mentioned how edible her pretty little fingers are? I hope you enjoy this extreme close up...check that tiny fingernail. Seriously, do fingernails GET any cuter than that? I don't know how I walk around this house I am so weakened by her cuteness.

Seriously. Jello for legs.

Have I mentioned this guy? He's so hot.
I love him like high school. Like some 16 year old girl. My life is better with him in it, even when he has to be far away...

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