Monday, February 11, 2008

A Message from Mad...

Hey. How is it going?

Yesterday was my 1 month birthday and I have to say I am pretty proud of my parents for keeping me alive this whole month. It really has been a great start to a great first year. Anyway, I got to go to Carson for the first time for shopping. I sure it weird going down the hill. It made my ears feel funny. But Mom helped me feel better pretty fast.

Mostly, I slept. But it was nice to get out into the sunshine. And Dad carried me around in this awesome baby carrier. That was really cool because I really love to snug up to Dad. We got to go to Target and buy me stuff and then we went to Old Navy and everything baby was on sale so Mom went a little nuts and got me some rocking new outfits to wear on my trip to Vegas and Florida.
Did I mention I am going to Vegas, baby?

Oh yeah...

Mom is going to push me around in my stroller and and probably buy me stuff and we are going to soak up some sun. And then, we are going to Orlando. Yeah, home of the Mouse. Mom says we can't go there this time but she gets all excited when she starts talking about Disney World. Apparently, it is kind a big deal.

We are going there to meet my other other Grandparents and to see some of Mom's friends because she loves to show me off and talk about what an angel I am. We are going to sit in the sun and shop and eat and visit and I am pretty excited about it.

Anyway, here are a few things I have learned this month:
1) Dad likes ham.
2) My thighs are made of ham.
3) I can make Mommy do WHATEVER I WANT.
4) Life is good.
5) The big red one has a huge tongue.
6) I like to eat.
7) Everybody I know just loves me.
8) Especially Mom.

Dad figured out the timer on the camera. Mom says I look a lot like Dad...

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Stacey L. said...


Mad has red hair! I'm so proud!! I can't wait to see all that beautiful hair. Great pics! I'm following you guys!