Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Message from Mad

Hey you guys, Mad here. Mom has been getting me out a lot lately since I got over my cold. It is totally weird. I go to sleep at home but when I wake up, I am somewhere else. Generally a restaurant. And I always wake up when the food comes.

It is kinda my move.

I don't like getting dressed up, but my Dad thinks I am "SO friggity cute" in my big girl outfits. How friggity cute is this cargo skirt?

I am kinda dressed like Mom.

Sometimes we go on "outdoor outings" and I have to bundle...

Mom and Dad think I look like a polar bear in this one...

Anyway lots of times Mom and I just need a nap.

We kind of wear each other out. Not to mention Dad is super full of energy. So he wears us out, too.

It was Gramcracker's birthday the other day so she came over before we went to lunch with Auntie Bev and she took lots of pictures of me and my mom.

That's rad, because since mom takes most of the pictures, there aren't a lot that we are in together. I like this one because it looks like mom made me a wig of her hair. She is really hoping it turns a little redder...

But mostly she just loves me hard. I can tell my mom had wanted me for a long time. She must have been storing kisses forever, because she seems to have an endless supply of them.

I can't wait until I can kiss her back.

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Jaime said...

Hi guys! Just got your announcement in the mail and thought I'd check out the blog. Cute little one you got there! Here's our blog link

Hope to see you soon!!!