Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody!

We started celebrating early, and what a great Easter it has been already!

We began our preparations for Easter earlier this week with a little photo shoot. Oh the preciousness that went down that day!

Here is Madelyn in her Easter hat with all her Easter friends.

She wasn't in the smiliest mood, and I don't blame her. She doesn't like getting dressed in the first place and with its little long sleeve button up undershirt and button up duster, this was the most complicated outfit she has put on so far.

And then with the bow and the hat, we were lucky to get any good pictures at all.

I like this one.

I call it, " Eat the Bunny".

Then we had Easter on Saturday because Dad had to run to Toronto early Sunday. The Easter Bunny came and everything. It was pretty awesome.

The Easter Bunny sent me to get a pedicure with Lisa.

It was incredible. My toes look like candy!

He also left me an ice cream scoop.


Charlie was really excited to open his grill accessory themed basket. And that was before all the morning candy...

We had a nice little Easter dinner with pork loin and sweet potato casserole and asparagus and salad and stuffing and Boston cream pie.

And ice cream!

Thank you Mr. Easter Bunny! (Bok Bok!)

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Anonymous said...

.. and charlie the sugar monster.. shock.

x yvonne