Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh so much goodness...

My goodness, my goodness.

I just never knew another person could have such a hold on me.

And then I met this sweet face...

Every day I am amazed by her beauty, her feistiness, her sweetness.

And those cheeks - I bite the cheeks a lot!

I have started the ball rolling for my playgroup initiative. I am pretty proud of myself because it isn't really easy approaching women and getting their phone numbers.

I have a new appreciation for how guys feel when they are trying to approach a girl.

But hey, summer is almost here, Farmer's Market will get cranking, and women will be coming out of the woodwork with their little ones. I can't wait to make more friends for Mad. (And Me!)

The family went for a walk out to Fallen Leaf for the first time this year. It was incredible as always.

For those of you who don't know, Charlie and I had our first kiss there, and it was at that place that Charlie proposed to me.

It was special to take our little buddy there. We took a little family photo to commemorate the occasion.

So my ticket is booked to Wisconsin.

I will be leaving on the 12th of April and saying "sayonara!" to the remnants of winter here. I am ready to go ahead and leave it behind for warm sun and bikinis, so Tahoe will be ready for me when I get back around the first of June.

I am just not really interested in watching the snow melt...and there will still be some left when I get back anyway!

Anyway, this will be mine and Mad's first solo plane trip. I am not worried, though, she is a great little traveler. We will visit family in Wisco, and Dad will follow in the car with all the dogs.

After a couple of weeks, we will all start our descent into the South, where we will be visiting family and friends while Charlie fits in some work meetings.

Then we get to go to the Lake house.

Mad and I are super excited about that!

Grandmama already has a tiny life jacket for her and everything! Now all she needs is her own teeny bikini!

Hooray! 23 days til vacay!


Anonymous said...

I love the blogs, I feel like I'm there with yous!
Love Brody.

Anonymous said...

you three are the absolute cutest family ever..
i cant wait to see you guys again!

x yvonne