Saturday, March 8, 2008

Picture Day

January 10th girls represent!

Madelyn and I went to Sears in Reno to get her picture taken today, and we were just past Carson City when I realized I left her dress at home.

Here is a picture of her in it, anyway - so cute!

It has a matching sunhat too.

While we were in Florida, Madelyn celebrated her Infant Baptism. It was quite touching and moving, she was so still and sweet in her christening gown - she looked like a porcelain doll.

When Pete touched her head with the water in his hand, she stared a little bit, and the entire congregation gasped a little.

There was audible awe.

It was precious.

We asked Emily to be Madelyn's godmother, and that was super sweet. Madelyn really liked her Auntie Em a lot. She gave her a hickey on her arm the first time they met.

A serious hickey.

Madelyn makes a very good hat.

So I took 429 pictures during our vacation, and although many of them are almost duplicates and some of them were pretty fuzzy, I am just getting around to posting any of them at all...

Here is one of Mad and me and the infamous blue pitcher.

It has been around for a while...

Madelyn likes her aunties...

And the Auburn Tigers!

War Eagle!

She was in such a good mood on the blanket in the grass that day. She loves breezes and fresh air!

Oh the sweetness that is Granddaddy!

I am not sure what they are talking about right here, but she really is listening!

And here she is laughing and dancing with her Grandmama...

She has become so much more engaging during her travels, she really looks at people and flirts with strangers and smiles a lot.

And every smile brings me more joy than I have ever known. I delight in knwing she is having a good time.

While we were away she got to use my old crib, which was also the crib my dad was in as a baby.

Of course she wasn't all that interested in the family historical furniture.

We saw Ono's family. Here is a picture of Isaac and Ono's little brother Lowell.

He is a cutie. Love the tongue.

Of course not as cute as Ono.

But pretty close.

Speaking of cute, here is Mad with Aiden.

Children are so precious.

A little loud, but super precious.

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