Sunday, March 9, 2008

They Grow Up So Fast

I finally feel like her room is ready.

We scored a sweet crib and I finally got all her sweetness pulled together and it is really a super adorable nursery now.

I am so proud.

Little cousin Rachel Dale was born last week.

She is so little in all her baby pictures, and I already have a hard time remembering when Mad was so tiny.

She is growing up so fast.

Here she is with her tongue out.

Her Daddy taught her that.

She is already in size 2 diapers.

She is flirting with strangers.

The other day she started yelling just to yell.

She likes to be loud.

She also likes to kick her feet a lot, so you can imagine how hard this little photo shoot was...

Her little feet are so cute.

She is really good about going to other people. Andrew came by the other day and we went for a walk.

She is so cute in that hat..

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Mwah said...

The nursery looks awesome. Don't use that crib until I get needs a modification with the guide bars.

Miss my ladies soooo much. Kick the dogs and kiss the baby....don't confuse those instructions.

40 dead hookers.