Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween is almost here!

It's almost Halloween! Do you know how I can tell?

Because some jerk keeps scaring me with the rubber spiders we bought for our jack-o-lanterns.

I wonder where he got that idea?

Here's the cutie. Sometimes she goes after her camera when I grab mine.

I can't wait until we can compare pics.

Here's what she likes to around the furniture!

She has gotten pretty balanced - this is amateur stuff right here.

Talk about scary. Pretty soon she'll be putting it all together.

This is her face when I sneak up on her and say, "What are you doing?"

This is the face when you take something away from her.

So with Halloween around the corner, I thought I would share some photos of the pet cemetery behind our house.

Apparently it has been there for quite a while, and although it isn;t sanctioned as a pet cemetery, a lot of locals lay their furry friends to rest there.

The Angora Fire last year really hit this area hard, and many of the older crosses and trees here are charred.

The backs of these grave markers are black and burnt, but it looks like someone refinished the front of them. Many old graves were remarked with new crosses.

I really like this one. Can you see the two burnt crosses in the background? I thought that was cool.

Anyway, I will be sharing our jack-o-lanterns once carved and decorated. But for now, take a look this pumpkin from my photoshoot this weekend.

I can't wait until I see her on the outside!


Jaime said...

We used to go to the pet cemetary there at night and scare ourselves. I love your pics of Sarah!

GMamaCoon said...

Happy Halloween! GDaddy and I hope you have a fun time Trick or Treating! We wish we could see you in your costume. We love you, Madee! (you too Karmen and ???)