Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Doctor's, Bellywatch and that day with the Sloans

So Madee had her 1 year check up this week. She is 23 lbs and 30 1/2 inches of fierce. Seriously. He is just doing his job, and so is his sweet little nurse, and I know that lots of other babies cry and wail, but she is totally a ninja.

Anyway I didn't have the heart to take the camera out after the shots.

So here they are screwing around before the doc came in. Thank goodness Charlie is able to go with us when she has to get shots, because I am just a wreck.

So we are at Week 19 and I have found all that weight I lost. And I have been feeling pretty good, too. And tired.

I had lunch today with Lisa and I have a food baby on top of my real baby in this picture.

I also got my hands on some pictures from October that were on a friend's camera...I LOVE this time of year in Tahoe.

I don't mean now, I mean when these photos were taken...

Oh I can't wait for longer days again...

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Granddaddy said...

beautiful pics of the two females....but who is that guy in the background? 1st pic looks like Bill Murray (a la Caddy Shack).