Saturday, January 3, 2009

Everyday Stuff

Madee really loves her bathtime every night. And not only that she deserves her bath every night. I have never met a cuter or dirtier little girl...

She is really picking up on everything we say now. She knows "night night" and waves goodnight and blows kisses when she is ready to go to sleep.

She also says "Hot!" and really makes it her own with many variations on the "t" part. She also copies the intonations of my words like "Be careful" , "I love you" and "Nice doggie".

She is talking all the time and tries to say or sound like any and every noise we make. Before I know it I will be fighting for airtime, because she is already talking a lot.

She has taken a definite interest in books and reading. She loves her dad's voice and all the sounds and voices he employs at book time.

Can you see all the cookie she has crumbling down her front? She really loves to make a mess. I am pretty sure she comes from Messico...

We went shopping with Lila and Lara the other day. It is so awesome to have a friend in the back seat!

And pretty cute, too...

She is really exploring and developing new skills at school, too. She has been trying so hard at walking, and has made a lot of progress this week. Her balance is really improving, and she goes for it all the time. She gets a good 6-7 steps in sometimes.

Busy at school...

Hey look! Lila comes to school, too!

Lila and Madee are fast becoming BFFs. Here they are after dinner the other night, having a bath.

Tub Pirates!

They are kind of like kittens, all cute and trouble making when they play together.

They are learning a lot about sharing and being friends.

They are pretty cute together, clean or dirty.

Madee is hearing a lot lately about being a big sister and how she has a sister in Mama's belly. She rubs my belly very sweetly like she knows what I am talking about.

Of course then she rubs Daddy's belly, so I doubt it.

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Troy Walters said...

That B-Dub pic of Charlie reading and Mad reacting, is...eternal.