Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Charlie and I were feeling the bug to get out of town, and when I called Auntie Lisa to see if she could watch the dogs for us, she totally upsold me on a night away with Charlie. Just the 2 of us.

Then she came over and found a killer deal in a Reno Resort Casino that promised luxury, lots of food, relaxation, and some more food.


This was our first night without Madee since she was born, and when we got there, Charlie went to the front desk to check us in, and I was whisked away to this little piece of Heaven for a maternity massage.

I didn't feel guilty for one little second. It was totally like another dimension of soothing music, ambient lighting, people in white lab coats escorting women in cashmere sweater robes to get fresh infused water after fancy beauty treatments.

When I was well oiled and rubbed and sufficiently destressed, I met Charlie at the bar and we went up to our suite.

This is my new "happy place".

Yeah, we are watching football in the bathtub!

We got a little dressed up for our reservations at Bimini - here we are in the elevator after an amazing steak dinner and the most ridiculous chocolate brownie pie cake I have ever eaten.

Then we also had a yummy room service breakfast the next morning.

Charlie getting some work done in our sitting area. This room had 3 flat screen plasma tvs, seperate tub and shower, marble floors, plush robes - it was such an amazing night away.

Room service baby.

Of course I am sure you have been waiting for some Madee pics, so here ya go!
Here we are getting ready to go hiking to Fallen Leaf

Funny Mom.

Gosh not again Mom

Her eyes are so pretty in this one...

Fallen Leaf. My favorite.

She loves to comandeer sunglasses. Look at the little wings over her ears. Her hair is really growing!

I love my life.

Wild thing.

What a view.

Engagement Log. This is where it all started.

Where all that got us.

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