Monday, February 1, 2010

8 months old

She is already 8 months old. This is how old Madee was when we conceived her.
Notice her right hand.
Yep. I am pretty sure she is giving me the finger.

Coincidence? Oh, I don't think so.

The tagline on her sign says,"I think she's trying to kill us."

I know, I know. You are looking at that face, those lips those eyes - NO! Do not make eye contact! SHE WILL SUCK YOU IN!

She's horrifying. She attacks you when you are sleeping. She wants to squeeze you to death. Her screech is among the worst sounds you will ever hear in your life. Madee is traumatized by her voice.

When she starts winding up, Madee grabs my leg and cries, puts her hands over her ears and zones out...she seeks refuge in her bed.

Her eyes haven't completely turned yet. They are dark - very dark, but you can see in person that they are still very green. Here they are lit up with the flash...

I know. I take the cutest pictures of her being happy, but she is usually crying or screaming or somehow otherwise discontent.

It has the whole family wandering around in sleepless, senseless shell shock and we are starting to turn on each other.
Oh but isn't she adorable?

Madee decided to get in on the photo action.

Eden giving Madee a surly look for trying to steal her thunder. Eden is surly. Much surlier than Madee was. Surly like an outlaw biker.

Plus, Madee started her period, so the house is full of crankiness and crying lately.

I made her a special fort and Eden isn't allowed in. If only it were sound proof.

People ask me all the time, "How do you know when your photo shoot is over?"

I don't know.You just feel it.

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