Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Fun

The bath is a regular source of fun around here. It's kind of a big thing. Sometimes it gets a little drained and reheated and rebubbled when it is a really good one.

I mean, what is a kid to do when the outside time is limited?

Sister power!

They really enjoy having each other. Eden can pull herself anywhere and everywhere now, and can pull herself up to standing.

The only real doorway we have for her jumper is a closet by the front door. She may seem contained in a harness with no real means to get into trouble.

But this is what she did in there this morning.
She's such a hellraiser. If she has a toy in her hand she will beat the crap out of you with it.
And laugh.

Madee must know what I am going through with this whole "potty guiding" thing, now that Baby is giving it a try.

We have been having fun themey art times with Valentine's day around the corner...

Madee loves to rub the stamp pad all over her body.


Madee got this cool felt set for Christmas. We love to make little stories, and they all involve Mimi. (One of the little cutouts is a girl with braided yellow pigtails, and Madee calls it Mimi!)

It is hard to play with her sometimes because she doesn't understand social customs and accepted behavior and physical laws like gravity or weight capacity.

She gets so pissed if I correct her, and who am I, anyway? If she wants all the furniture in the baby crib, who am I to question her? Did she hire me as her consultant? No?

Then suck it, Mom. And help me stack every felt piece in this pile and put the baby crib on top like everything in the house is in the baby crib.

I like it that way.

I try to bite my tongue and let her do it her way.

At least she isn't eating it.

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