Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

You know want to kiss this face.

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

Remember this holiday is all about love. Not expectations, or candy or presents or flowers. It is abuot love. And as I told my girls all week as we prepared for this glorious occasion of love, Valentine's Day doesn't mean much unless you don't have a Valentine.

When you don't have a Valentine, it can seem pretty lonely because you think all these lucky people who do have Valentines are having such a better day than you. But they aren't. It is seriously just February 14th.

But, if you have family, you have Valentines.

In fact I don't really get how Valentine's Day became a romantic holiday, when most of your love comes from your family.

Oh and so much love comes from this family.

So for us it is a family holiday.

A family holiday of love and devotion and kisses and belonging.

I mean we are Van Dervens. Valentine's Day was just made for us. WE SHARE AN ACRONYM.

Can't wait to take pictures of a cool family in front of this wall eating and dancing.

Madee on the edge of Lake Superior. No I said that right. She is on the edge.

The cool kids.
We send out all of our love to our friends and family on this special day. We have so much love for so many people and we don't tell you guys often enough.

But we love you a lot.

Especially you, Emily and Chelsey!

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