Thursday, February 11, 2010


That clocktower is in our view of Lake Superior. I drove down the street the other day with the camera just randomly shooting out the window.

Today was gym day again. Thursdays are always the best days... And today was a super special gym day, because we kidnapped dad from work!

So both the kids got one on one attention at playtime. It was awesome and Madee did some new stuff.

Eden has a tooth or something because she has had a rough time last night and today. She really didn't feeling like doing much at the gym but she was sure to pose for some pretty pictures with her cool Dad.

She can't wait to run around on her little legs.

Dad leans into things. I think that is where Madee gets it.

Sassy in the foam pit. She loved having a partner to do all her stuff with.

We did the balance beam...

And some tandem jumping...
And a new fave, hanging from the bar.

This was her first time really hanging until she couldn't anymore.

And as soon as she would land, she was all " More More"!

There was also a whole lot of running races and hollering and giggling. And there were a few little 5 year old boys flirting with Madee until they found out she was time out bait!

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