Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Daily

When she is happy? Well, it just doesn't get any cuter than this one. And her chunky little teeth coming in? Torture. For all of us. But OH LORD ARE THEY SO CUTE.

Kid's got an adorable grill.

She doesn't want to be left out of anything, and spends a lot of time pulling herself around the hall between the main living area and the bedroom and whining because she just can't make a decision.

She is super fast, but her crawl is a drag on the back half. So she follows you around like an ornery little old crippled man who refuses to use a wheel chair.

Here are my moody little artists at work. We have been busy doing preschool stuff now that Madee is, well, such a little person now. She is understanding and identifying other people's emotions, like happy and sad, and also telling me "Funny!"

And yesterday when I got out of the shower she cracked my behind and said "BUTT!"

Then walked around me and started pointing at my boobs saying "Meep-Mole"
And then she pulled up her shirt and showed me her meep-moles.

She's brilliant.
Stuff we made that day...

With the blinds down.
Eden's favorite is she wants you to lay on the floor. Not sit, not lean, LAY DOWN ON THE FLOOR.

And then she crawls up and over you repeatedly and giggles her little head off.

Beastie Boys shot.

Here she is playing bongos on my butt with Zeus. They have a very special relationship. Like, he is in love with her. He lets her crawl all over him and rolls around in her Babyland space and totally dotes on her.

Eden had her first whole apple yesterday. She skanked it when I was putting away groceries.

"Ooh that tastes funny!"
The other day the living room went quiet, and this is how I found Eden.

I doubt it will be the last time she is found passed out in her snack tray.

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Jaime said...

So of course the girls are super cute and all but I have to say the new main picture of Ono is giving them some major competition. I love it!