Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Fun!

My birthday this year was lots of fun. Not only did I get a really cool present, but I had yummy dinner out at Scusas.

Auntie Lisa had called me earlier in the week and wanted to take me out for my birthday.

She arranged a babysitter (Charlie), made reservations, and told me to get all dressed up.

I was pretty excited. On Friday night Lisa was texting me that she was running late, which was fine because Charlie was still running errands anyway, and when she finally got to my house he wasn't even home yet.

And she was wearing jeans and no make up.

And I was all dressed up. I just kind of looked at her funny, and she told me that my date was in the car.

So Charlie and I got to have a super romantic yummy delicious dinner out and Lisa stayed home with Madee.

It was the coolest surprise ever.

Then the next day was my birthday, and our trip to Apple Hill!

We got princess hats...

And corn dogs...

Here I am with corn dog in my teeth!

We layed in fields...

And crawled on some soft grass.

Hung out with Dad.

Learned some new moves.

Chased butterflies.

Checked out some cool pumpkins.

We had lots of laughs.

And great snacks.

It was a super terrific day!

This face wants your corn dog.

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