Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Birthday Song

It's Dad's birthday today!

I don't know what that means, exactly, but it does mean Mommy make you a yummy cake!

I wonder what my cake will look like...

Anyway, Mom says we get presents for birthdays and that is why she bought Dad all those clothes. Dad really liked them, because he needs new clothes, but we all know what gets Dad going.


Mom said I didn't have to spend so much on Dad, but I figure once I have my own money, poor Dad won't get anything good, so I may as well take advantage while Mom is buying.

And I don't get Dad boring stuff, no way!

I got him Madden '09 for Wii!

Here he is scoring for sure!

Oh Dad is so awesome and Mom says she is SO happy he has a birthday so I am too.

You should see him dance when he gets a touchdown.

Anyway, a song for Dad and some pictures of him...


Happy happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy happy birthbirthdayday! Mom says your hot!

Hope it's super awesome. super. awesome. super awesome. awesome. It sure better be awesome.

Awesome. Yeah!

Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!

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