Friday, September 26, 2008

It's that time again!

Time for Apple Hill!

Apple Hill is down the mountain a bit, and is full of wineries, breweries, orchards, and craft fairs.

And corn dogs. Did I mention corn dogs?

Here are some pictures from the first meeting of the Apple Hill Gang.

The first time was just a girls and dogs thing...

I love this shot of Lisa with the port-a-pottys in the back of her...she was happier than that, promise.

So we go every year on my birthday, because that is when apple season is in full swing, the fairs are full of food and fun, and the weather is just beautiful.

Last year, Charlie joined the Apple Hill Gang...not that this is a picture from that.

Just one of all three of us that I like.

This year we have a new member...little apple-loving Madelyn. We are excited to show her all the great harvest vegetable and sparklies and princess hats and fun stuff.

She may have to wait a year or so on the corn dogs...

That last shot was taken by some random passer-by.

I always like our self portraits...

Anyway I am excited for the return of the Apple Hill Gang even if it means I am turning 34.


Oh brother...

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