Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Coach Keeps Me in the Game!

Dad likes to get me psyched before we have a big game. Even if it is just Peek-a-boo!

Although lately it has been all about the tickle claw. I love Dad. I get mad when he leaves the room, because he is absolutely my favorite toy.

And 9 times out of 10 he is the best seat in the house.

When I grow up I am totally going to buy my mom a photo booth so she can have lots of pictures of the 3 of us.

I still think these are pretty cool though.

Do you see Dad in this one? I thought this one was pretty cool because he just kind of sneaks up on you in the background.

We went to a Tibetan Festival at the Lake the other day so I could "experience some culture" and see new things.

I like colors.

And rocks.

And more colors. Seriously, colors are a Top 10 right now.

We watched this really nice old man in a robe with no hair walk around a table and paint little pieces of it with sand.

He was pretty cool.

Whenever we go to an ethnic restaurant, mom will always say "Isn't Mexico/Italy/Thailand fun?"

So of course you know she's all " Isn't Tibet cool?" in this one. Oh yeah, that is Uncle Cousin Brody sitting down behind us.

By the way, Tibet is cool.

They sing pretty songs there.

Then we sat in the yard and hung out with Uncle Cousin Brody and Andrew.

Andrew is so funny. He is totally my #1 fan. He thinks everything I do is just amazing.

He really gets me.

Andrew had a tournament so Dad was helping him get ready for his game.

My dad is like the best coach there ever was.

Seriously, I mean who do you think taught me how to crawl? Every day he would get me rocking on my knees and show me the moves.

It didn't take long. Like I said, he's a really great coach.

Now it would be great if he could tweak my defensive tactics and falling skills. I seem to head face first into whatever I get myself into.


It really takes a lot out of me. And if you look closely under my right eye here, (your left) you can see it sometimes leaves quite a little impression.

It's cool though coach. I can still play.

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