Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tahoe Queen

I went on a boat today! It was so cool! I didn't sleep a wink...

Dad arranged a ride for us and the Grandparents on the fancy paddle boat called the Tahoe Queen, and we got to ride all over Lake Tahoe in it.

They just renovated the boat and spent over a million dollars on it, so we really got to see some cool stuff.

There was lots of velvet and sparklies and pillows and fancy chairs and couches.

But the prettiest part was probably the water in Emerald Bay.

Here are some cool things we saw...


Dad and Me.

The Tea House in Emerald Bay.

Fancy lights.

Happy parents.

Cool couches.

Dad's friend Steve in the galley.

Paddle wheels.

Another paddle wheel.

All in all it was a pretty cool day, but I passed out at the end. That's how you know I had a good time.

And when we got off the boat Grandma and Grandpa were smiling. That's how you can tell they had a good time too.

We will miss you guys when you go home tomorrow! Thanks for all the fun this week!

** I only have like 300 photos of the Redwoods and stuff so I will filter through and post my favorite throughout the week! **

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